Introducing FitGridAI: Artificial intelligence that’s taking fitness by storm

Personalizing messages is hard, but it just got A LOT easier. Drive higher client conversions, higher returns, and higher acquisitions with the best AI messaging in the business.

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Personalization drives greater client conversions, greater client returns and greater client revenue. That’s a fact.

Also a fact - personalization is hard and time consuming.

But what if you could generate the best, most personalized messages using all the data you have on your clients, in seconds?

FitGrid AI just made radical personalization™ simple and effective for fitness studios. Join the AI revolution!


Here are some examples of how FitAI can power your messaging.


Choose from a variety of tones, from 'Friendly' to 'Professional' and everything in between.


Add personalized context, specific to each client to convert faster, stay longer and more.


Track and send messages to clients by segment, like clients who are 'At-risk' or 'Up for Conversion'.

Public beta waitlist

Limited spots available.

FitGridAI in Client Outreach

The power of community + data

Available for Mindbody clients

Here are some examples of how FitGridAI in Client Outreach can power your business.

Retain clients

Segments for 'At-Risk' clients allow you to connect at the right time.

Increase class attendance

Celebrate client milestones that boost participation and help clients stay 2+ months longer.

Convert 2x faster

Track and engage 'Up for conversion'clients convert in 2 touch points or less.

 Limited spots available.

Existing client beta waitlist

Work smarter, not harder

Get on the waitlist for the Public beta for everyone or the Private beta for Mindbody users.


More FitGridAI features
on the roadmap

FitGrid’s radical personalization features to help you boost sales, save time and convert clients faster.


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What is the difference between free FitGridAI and FitGridAI with Client Outreach?

The free version of FitAI beta is available to the public. FitAI in Client Outreach is currently available as a private beta only for Mindbody users only.

When can I start using FitGridAI?

Sign up to get access to the free public or private version Spring 2023.

Who has access to FitGridAI in Client Outreach?

Anyone using Mindbody for their booking and billing system can connect to FitAI for Client Outreach.

How can I connect my booking billing system with FitGridAI?

Mindbody software users will have access to FitAI in Client Outreach. We are expanding our integration partners in 2023. Contact our team at to learn more!